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Plaid coat (30% off) / Navy sweater / Leggings / Hat / Bean Boots / Socks

In case you haven’t heard, it snowed this weekend in the northeast. And I mean snowed with a capital S. I thought the news reports were just hype because it was the first storm of the season, but Jonas delivered and it was pretty amazing. It came down hard from Friday night through Saturday night, giving everyone the perfect excuse to have a whole day of literal Netflix and chill.

We jumped right on that bandwagon and finished season one of Mr. Robot (Has anyone else watched? Holy crap!), an insanely good but insanely insane show that a few of my friends hadn’t shut up about. After we finished Making a Murderer last week, I was so over TV…Until we started Mr. Robot #netflixaddict.

On Sunday, some new friends had us over for a Spelt pancake brunch which turned into a three hour long chat. I wore yoga pants (obviously) and my newfound favorite navy sweater. These photos don’t do it justice but it’s so warm and comfy and always looks good. I finally found this plaid coat that had been missing since we moved and am happy to report that it’s 30% off!

Then I came home and did the most suburban thing I’ve ever done. Our neighbor had snow blown our driveway during the storm so I baked him and his wife cookies and brought them over. I almost laughed out loud in the process as I was remembering how different our experience was with our neighbors in New York. Literally one lady hit Anel on a random Tuesday. No joke!

Plaid Winter Coat

Kenneth Cole Plaid Coat

Navy Topshop Sweater

Snow Day

Navy Sweater

Kicking Snow

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